Our Company - Wolverine Energy Solutions and Technology, Inc.

Wolverine Energy Solutions and Technology, Inc. (WEST) was founded by Theodore Goodson III, Ph.D. and has been developed by a group of well established scientists in Ann Arbor, MI in 2009.  We have designed and developed new organic materials to fabricate new devices that will revolutionize the enormous energy storage (capacitors) markets. In addition, WEST works towards the creation of a remote and safe explosive detection device, which offers an integrated wide area surveillance solution with relatively high sensitivity and low cost.

Please contact us to learn more:

Website: www.wolvenergy.com
Email: info@wolvenergy.com

President:  Dr. Stephanie Goodson:  sgoodson@wolvenergy.com

Chief Scientific Officer:  Dr. Theodore Goodson:  tgoodson@wolvenergy.com